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Posted by imelda sovzky on Sunday, February 5, 2012

This offseason has been full of many changes between drivers and teams, and even crew chiefs and other team members. So say you had the money to manage your own Sprint Cup team, who would you want to drive for you? Lets see who Corey, Jessica, and I(Garrett) would have on our teams.

If I could create a NASCAR Sprint Cup team of my own and was able to get any driver I wanted, I would first pick Dale Earnhardt Jr. as the flagship driver in a stable of four for my team, Corey Ruetten Inc. (CRI). I would pick him because I am a fan, and I think the best, most successful owners in NASCAR are fans themselves. My second driver would be Danica Patrick—she’s a no-brainer. I would pick her simply because she would make me millions. Win-or-lose, she is a huge draw for fans and sponsors alike, and I don’t see that trend dying out anytime soon. My third and fourth drivers would be a little bit more of a gamble. I would want a young, protégé-type driver and an older, more experienced, mentor-type driver. The two would compliment each other in the hopes that the young driver would learn quickly and become a threat for wins/championships, and the older driver would be able to pass down his expertise while still fighting for wins/championships. For the mentor driver, there is no one better than Mark Martin. He is highly respected by everyone associated with NASCAR and is a proven and still-capable winner if given all the right tools. My fourth driver would have to be Austin Dillon. I am amazed by what he has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time; and he will, mark my words, be a Sprint Cup champion in the future!  I would also be part of Team Chevy. Regarding sponsors, car numbers, etc., I would leave that up to my CEO—my wife—so I could just focus on being a fan!

My team is called GEEBZ Motorsports. My drivers are Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#88 Chevy sponsored by Amp Energy) , Kasey Kahne (#52 Chevy sponsored by Budweiser) , Tony Stewart (#12 Chevy sponsored by Axe deodorant) and Trevor Bayne(#50 sponsored by Wonderful Pistachios).
I picked Dale Jr for the obvious reason that I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. Kasey Kahne I picked because he’s a great driver & is already team mates with Dale Jr. I picked Tony Stewart not because he’s the champion but because he’s a great driver and would be great with Kasey and Dale and I picked Trevor Bayne because he has a lot of potential to be a champion.
This was tons of fun to do and I think my team would go far if I could really own it and have these guys on my roster!  

If I could own a Sprint Cup team I would make Tony Stewart the main driver of my team, Checkered Flag Motorsports(CFM). I would pick Tony because he is my favorite driver and he could mentor the younger drivers of the team. I would also pick Regan Smith because he would be an awesome driver and could learn fast and be more competitive than he is now. For the third driver of my team, I would pick Danica Patrick, because(like Corey said) she would make the team tons of money, win or lose, but I still think she could improve and become a top 15 driver each and every weekend. As for the fourth car for the team, I would make that a part time car that would only race in select races throughout the year. I would probably pick David Ragan or Trevor Bayne for that part time car. As for the numbers I would let the drivers pick whatever is available. I would also be part of the Team Chevy stable and would sit the drivers down with a graphic designer to design their own paint schemes every season.


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